1ft Chrysanthemum - "First of the Month" 1ft Lovebot Sculpture 2021

On the 1st of each month at 1pm EST a 1ft Lovebot sculpture, created and customized by Artist, Matthew Del Degan becomes available as part of the "1st of the month" 1ft Lovebot Sculpture series! This sculpture is #9 in that series. 

Note from the artist:

I created this floral hand painted 1ft Lovebot to be a perfect gift for someone you love. There is need to plant this flower. Its heart is the terracotta pot and those colorful petals remain beautiful year after year. This Lovebot features a UV protective coating.

Valentines Day 2021 approaches! 
I chose to hand paint a chrysanthemum in lieu of the flowers that may have been most appropriate. Roses are sweet, but chrysanthemums are considered the queens of fall flowers.

Making our loved ones feel like royalty is a gift beyond compare.

Chrysanthemum is derived from the Greek words “chrysos” meaning gold, and “anthemon” meaning flower. Today they are also commonly referred to as “mums.”

Although the symbolism of this flower translates across cultures, 
the Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo often represents persistence and resoluteness.
Traditional chrysanthemum flower tattoos signify openness, pleasure, rest, friendship! Chrysanthemums are the flowers of happiness and laughter. In Japan, not only is this plant the "golden flower," known as the stylized imperial seal of Japan, it is also a representation of the sun, taking on the common meaning of long life.
Mums are medicinal plants as well.

This one of a kind 1ft Lovebot comes to you,

signed by artist Matthew Del Degan, with its corresponding notary; signed Certificate of Provenance for authentication, information card about your 1ft Lovebot sculpture, gold drip envelope and additional rare vinyl stickers. Also included is a Lovebot mini screwdriver bit set that opens the special Lovebot wood crate which contains your one of a kind sculpture. 8 Canadian made size 1 Robertson screws seal the crate, that's lid that has been branded with a hot metal press and for its safety, biodegradable packing foam encases the artwork.

To whomever ends up owning this special 1ft Lovebot: 

I hope this Lovebot inspires ample love in your life. I hope that it reminds you and your loved ones to stay present, to live in line with your convictions and to see the love that surrounds you.
- Matthew Del Degan

(If this sculptures delivery address is outside of Ontario Canada, additional small crate shipping rate options will be provided to you after the order is placed. This shipping rate will be required to be paid to ship you your one of a kind 30lb Lovebot sculpture.


Type: Artwork

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