'Cherry Blossom Lovebots #1 of Series 2, 2019.

This 5" solid resin model with Cherry Blossoms encapsulated is the first of the resin Lovebots Series 2. Approximately 5 very limited designs per year are released.

Each resin Lovebot is produced by Matthew Del Degan, Lovebots creator by hand using ECO-friendly, high clarity and high strength eco-resin at Lovebot H.Q.

Only 20 are being produced. Each signed by the artist and dated.
Lead time for production is 12 days from your purchase, shipping out shortly there after.

This is a pre-order.

Why Cherry Blossoms?

The Sakura or Cherry Blossoms of Japan have inspired Lovebot immensely. In Toronto, Lovebots home town, the Cherry Blossoms bloom once each year just as they do in Japan. They are representative of love and acceptance between Japan and Canada, here is why, In 1959, the Japanese ambassador to Canada presented 2,000 trees to the people of Toronto on behalf of the people of Tokyo. The trees were planted in appreciation of Toronto accepting relocated Japanese-Canadians following the Second World War. 

Lovebot is proud to capture the essence of this story through the beauty that the Cherry Blossoms bring while captured in space, suspended. This is the beauty that gave back to Toronto 60 years ago. 

Thank you for appreciating the artwork, 

- Lovebot

Type: Artwork

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