Sterling Silver Hero Heart Necklace - 15mm Wide

The Lovebot Hero Heart has symbolized Kindness and compassion since its conception. 

Lovebot has always championed messages of compassion and tolerance. This heart is a reminder to be love in every action and to seek it out in all that's around us, everyday. 

Lovebot the character did not always have a heart, but as the first 3D clay Lovebot was sculpted, the artist thought to himself.. "We are not robots in this concrete jungle, sitting on the street car, staring at little computer screens commuting to work in silence... we all have big hearts and the ability to love!" and so the heart was added as a symbol of joy and hope for everyone."

Each Hero Heart necklace has been lovingly designed and hand crafted by LOVEBOT's Artist, Matthew Del Degan. They are each unique in their textural subtleties because of this. The second last step in the process is to mix for and fill each silver heart container with a special cement, polymer and silver dust mix.

They are cast in Toronto using 925. Elite Non-tarnishing Sterling Silver.

The chains are 48cm (19") in length with the pendant resting just next to your heart in the center of the chest, because of their design, they hang perfectly, always.

Lastly, every necklace comes with a hand written note from the artist. 
They are all individually packaged to be presented as a gift as well.

Type: Jewlery

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