* 1ft Lovebot Hearts - by MAINĀ / Emily Del Degan!

A 1ft Lovebot Hero Heart has been designed to fit in your 1ft Lovebot Sculpture, or to be displayed as it's own art piece.

Each Hero Heart is hand cast by Matthew Del Degan and hand painted by his soulmate, Emily aka. MAINĀ  https://www.mainaarts.com/

To purchase yours please check the photo example of each heart that shows it's corresponding name. These are the names of each heart piece. T

Meraki - the soul, creativity and love put into something

Joseiteki - feminine 

Kosame - light rain 

Shibui - old school cool

Wasuremono - forgotten or lost

Bimyou - not bad 

Kawaakari - moonlight, the glow of a river in darkness

Tatemae - what a person pretends to believe

Kintsugi - to repair with gold

Karōshi - death from being overworked 

Kuidaore - eat yourself bankrupt

Type: Unknown Type