!* 1st Edition - 1ft Concrete Lovebot - Edition of 100

This limited first edition of 100 sold out quickly. #1 - #100 Lovebots have been sold.

This color combination will not be made again.

About the 1ft Lovebots:
Each Lovebot is hand made. They are treated with the utmost care at every step of their creation and delivery process. 

The 1st Edition 1ft Concrete Lovebots numbered sculpture edition of exactly 100 made however, only 40 of these 100 Lovebots are available on Lovebot.com
Lovebot newletter subscribers and those who emailed info@lovebot.com requesting a 1ft Lovebot had the option to purchase their Lovebot before today's online presale.

Delivery is scheduled for March 2020

These sculptures are delivered personally by Matthew Del Degan with a signed certificate of provenance for authentication. A special Lovebot screw driver bit set that is necessary for opening each custom red wood Lovebot box is included.

A mandatory $60 Cad. deliver charge is required for orders within Ontario (This includes Montreal Canada.)
Orders outside of Ontario, Canada and Montreal will have additional small crate shipping rate options that will be both provided to you after the order is placed and also required to ship your Lovebot sculpture.

These First Edition Lovebot sculptures will forever be the first of their kind. A "1E 1ft" Classic Grey Concrete Lovebot release will not happen again. They will be exclusive to the 100 people or family's who own these numbered units. 

For the more poetic and artful explanation of these rare sculptures, please visit the Lovebot.com most recent blog post. lovebot.com/blogs/news

Type: Artwork

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