!* 2015 - Customized 2022 Ed. of 10 Rusted Chrome 5' Lovebot Vinyl Toys.

Rusted Chrome 5in Vinyl Lovebot toys Ed. of 10.

Over the span of two weeks I slowly rusted these 10 Original 2015 Lovebot Vinyl toys. Utilizing chrome aerosol, iron and gold powder, the hot spring sun and rain and time, the rust occurred naturally. On the few days that it didn't rain I dusted them with iron powder and spritzed them with water.

All the detail of each of these Lovebots has been sealed in with a protective clear coat.  

There hearts are a shimmering metallic red. 

Each is signed, dated and numbered / 10.

These Lovebot models come in claim shell protective packaging and signed, 2015 original Lovebot boxes.

Type: Artwork

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