"Aqueduct" 1/1 - 1ft Lovebot #31 of the First Of The Month Custom Lovebot Sculpture Series.

"Aqueduct" is, December 2022s 1/1, Lovebot Sculpture!
It is #31 of the 1st Of The Month Series of Customized 1ft Lovebot Sculptures.

Lovebot is our bridge, a support to the transfer of positive energy. Lovebot is cause for discourse. It was designed to inspire and facilitate the transfer of love. An aqueduct facilitates the transfer of water. An aqueduct is an artificial means of transferring water from one source to another. Let this Lovebot do that with love!, for you and for all of us!

The abstract turquoise color pallet of this Lovebot with it's heart that features an iridescent fleck represents this magic metaphor. 

Let the love flow in to your life in abundance.
Let nothing impede it. 
Let Lovebot be a simple reminder to bridge the gap between where the love is,
and where you need it to be!

This one of a kind 1ft Lovebot comes to you:

signed by artist Matthew Del Degan, with its corresponding notary; signed Certificate of Provenance for authentication, information card about your 1ft Lovebot sculpture, gold drip envelope and additional rare vinyl stickers. Also included is a Lovebot mini screwdriver bit set that opens the special Lovebot wood crate containing your one of a kind sculpture. 8 Canadian made size 1 Robertson screws seal the crates lid that has been branded with a hot metal press and for its safety, biodegradable packing foam encases the artwork.


This solid concrete Lovebot sculpture weighs 30lbs, and comes beautifully packaged.

Shipping outside of Ontario Canada will require additional shipping fees to be paid, cost dependent on this sculptures destination.

Type: Artwork

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