''4 First of the Month Edition "EPIC Design" 1ft Concrete Lovebot

This "Epic Design" 1' Lovebot is #4 of the 12, First of The Month Series Custom 1ft Lovebots. 

12 Lovebots, 12 months.

#4/12 "First of The Month" 1ft Lovebot comes with a matching 18" by 21" framed thermal printed wheat-paste poster signed by Artist Matthew Del Degan. The 1ft Sculpture and matching poster utilize the same special wheat-paste based unique adhesive that Artist Matthew Del Degan developed back in 2015 to create lasting works of street art that could withstand the harsh Canadian elements of our concrete jungles that inspired the work. For this reason, the work is purposefully gritty, ripped and rough to keep the work as authentic as possible.

Each 1st of The Month Series 2020 1ft Lovebots come with their Certificate of Provenance for authentication, information card about your 1ft Lovebot sculpture, a Lovebot screwdriver bit set that opens the special Lovebot wood crate which contains your one of a kind Sculpture, 8 Canadian made size 1 Robertson screws that seal each crate lid and for its safety, biodegradable packing foam which encases the artwork.

Both art pieces are dated, signed and numbered for authentication.

This sculpture should be something truly nostalgic for many Lovebot fans.


Lovebot started as a clay sculpture toy design in 2013. Once graduated university for Industrial Design, Matthew (creator of Lovebot) began his assertive "Love Invasion" street art and graffiti art initiative. In addition to the over one hundred and thirty, 250 lb sculptures made by 40+ of Matthews family, friends and volunteers, the many Graffiti and Street Art pieces, thousands of stickers and more, the "Lovebot EPIC Design" poster became a main staple of his work, making appearances big and small in cities across Canada, to Miami Florida in 2017 and even Japan in 2018/19.

Toronto received the brunt of the action with hundreds of art pieces scattered throughout.. and it still does.

"I had an unspoken rule, 10 public art pieces per one online post.

This was a method to insure that a faith in technology was unable to overshadow or drown out the physical art work in public spaces that impacts far more people in a real world, more visceral way. Once I had re-posted 10 online Lovebot public art examples, (or photos captured by anyone out there) I knew that 10 posts represented 100 new Lovebot locations. It was grueling work, that after a lot of preparation would only truly begin once the artwork appeared before or along side many a summer mornings sunrise.

Lovebot is a symbol or character that represents a mission to share positivity and love on a global scale. I noticed people acting like faceless robots, stuck in their smart phones, ears plugged and ignoring one another. I knew that Lovebot could make them curious about where they are now, and aware of something outside of their every daily technological traps."

Type: Artwork

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