Lapel Pin - Hero Heart Lapel Pin (Long Needle)

Previously sold out but now back in stock. Ltd time only!

This long needle lapel pin was inspired by an old pin my grandmother gave me in 2019.

"You make hearts Matthew, you should have this", she said.

The Hero Heart represents all things Lovebot. Its intentions are pure, courageous and kind. 

This pin has been created to be eye catching and classy with any dress code. On a lapel of a suit, a jean jacket, backpack, or any garment really, this little heart will shine. 

Extensive field testing has been preformed on this pin. If the Yukon Striker or Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland can't move this pin from its placement, than through whatever roller coaster your life may take your heart on, this little heart pin will stick with you.

Each Hero Heart long needle lapel pin comes in a beautiful gift box. Whether it's a self gift or something for a loved one, it will only impress. 

Enjoy and as always, 

Be the Love!

- Matthew Del Degan / Creator of Lovebot

Type: Pins

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