Painting From Lovebots Personal Collection - Grominator Spray Paint Can 2016

This spray can was painted by and gifted to me by "The Grominator" in 2016.

My first born son is on his way. His due date is fast approaching! It is time for me to let go of some artwork that I have truly enjoyed owning in the hopes that it brings joy to its new owner.

Please note that this piece is not signed, but I witnessed Grom creating this piece in my original art studio, if fact, the chrome that's splattered on this piece was done accidentally. Some graffiti writing friends of mine and I were shooting a BB gun off, and it popped a spray can, exhaling itself all of the nearby spray rack. This can, was one from that rack that Grom chose to paint. This piece will come to you with a hand written note from Lovebot stating that it is a true The Grominator original painted in the original Lovebot H.Q art studio.

@the_grominator hand painted this with acrylic. It is a stunning work of art that I am ready to let go of, in order to make room for what's next in my life.

Thank you Grom, and to this paintings new owner! ENJOY IT!

LOVEBOT / Matthew Del Degan

Type: Artwork