!* "Pink Blossom" 1ft Lovebot #14 of the 1st of the month custom 1ft Lovebot series.

On the 1st of each month at 1pm EST a 1ft Lovebot sculpture, created and customized by Lovebots creator, Matthew Del Degan becomes available as part of the "1st of the Month" 1ft Lovebot Sculpture series.

This one of a kind sculpture is #14 in this series!

Note from the artist about this sculpture:

"Pink Blossom" is a pink metallic champagne color coated, solid concrete Lovebot sculpture inspired by the fresh new life of our short but sweet spring and summers in Ontario, Canada.

To be more specific, 
The first time my son saw sun light piercing through the fresh translucent green leaves above him in Toronto's High Park with his newly developed eyes, was the heartfelt unforgettable moment that caused me to want to create this collaborative sculpture with my wife Emily. She painted this Lovebot's heart.

Spring 2021 has been full of growth in Lovebot land. Many new projects are blossoming. As my wife and I enjoy watching our three month old son grow, so has the foliage that surround us. The beauty of flowers has been a theme throughout my work this past month, and it continues into July. I'm mid progress, painting a two story floral mural in Hamilton, Ontario. Emily and I have been producing collaborative artworks inspired by the flowers that we tend to in our garden at home and I'm working on several floral related commissions coincidentally.  

This one of a kind Lovebot shines a subtle metallic champagne pink. It's coating is reflective, changing its hue with each angle observerd. From casting raw concrete to the pure creative process that completed this piece, our intentions were clear; we simply wanted to make a sculpture that is reflective of this time in our lives. Artwork that may cause you to feel the joys of fresh perspectives unearthed by raw growth, new life, and blossoming moments.

To whomever ends up owning this special 1ft Lovebot: 

"We hope that each time that you gaze upon this art piece, it causes you to feel the joys and fresh perspectives brought forth by new life. If it's winter when that happens, or any other season, remember that the annual anticipation of spring and summers youthful offerings may very well be just as strong a positive feeling as that time itself. When that time comes though, bask in it!"

- Matthew Del Degan

If this sculptures delivery address is outside of Ontario Canada, additional small crate shipping rate options may apply which will be provided to you after the order is placed. This shipping rate will be required to be paid in order to ship you your one of a kind 30lb Concrete Lovebot sculpture.

Type: Artwork

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