Super Lovebot NES Art Cart Shells

Inspired by one of the best NES games, or rather, one of the best video games of all time, Super Mario 3!  This design was created by two good friends, Lovebot and The CloudArtist who both share a deep love of retro video games along side their passion for graphic art and design. Lovebot, from Canada, and CloudArtist from Germany have been supportive of each others art and kind towards one another for many years. It was only a matter of time until they began working together on new graphic work. This, is their first collaboration originally drawn by Lovebot and then passed back and forth during their illustration process. You can see both the CloudArtists style and Lovebots clearly! The final result is pure passion and positive energy that you can appreciate and display proudly!

These NES cartridges are a 2019 Exclusive ltd. to:

Each are signed, dated and numbered on the back of the cartridge shell.

Edition of only 45 Yellow
(1 = $35 CAD)
Edition of only 5 Grey
(1 = $60 CAD)
and Edition of only 5 Gold
(1 = $90 CAD)

These cartridges are shells to be framed and displayed as artwork. 
There is no game inside, however you could easily put any original Nintendo game that you'd like inside. Cartridge shell screws are included with each cart.

Created by:
Lovebot - @lovebottherobot on Instagram

CloudArtist - @thecloudartist on Instagram

Type: Artwork