Super Lovebot RARE Gameboy art Ltd. to 10 made.

These yellow DGM original Gameboy shell have become a canvas for the "Super Lovebot" Super Mario 3 inspired artwork. 

Skillfuly made by friends of Lovebot Retro Modding, these pieces of artwork feature a custom mirror screen and artwork directly printed to the Gamboy front and back. 

As a child, catching your reflection in the screen of a Gamboy happened often. Anyone who grew up with an original Gameboy remembers angling the screen to catch enough light so that they could see whatever game they were trying to play! 

This bit of self reflection was the inspiration behind this art piece. Only 10 of them have been made available in the world making this a very unique item for anyone game room, collection or simply a beautiful piece of art on your wall.

This is not a working Gameboy or custom modded gameboy like our friends make.

It is simply a different kind of canvas, something that reminds many of us of childhood, simpler times or just plain old school fun.

Type: Artwork