"You and I, Let's Fly!" Original Illustration 1/1

"You and I, Let's Fly!" is an original illustration. Its linework was first drawn in 2018 as a draft for an even larger commissioned painting. The painting featured a tree of similar shape. The colors for that painting were very different and it used different media. The tree in that painting also had blossom leaves instead of apples.

I decided to finish this illustration for the 2022 Online Lovebot Studio Sale to offer something fresh and inviting, new and positive. Lovebot is in a state of growth and change. This piece is representative of those themes. It's blissful and positive. 

I'm looking forward to creating many more illustrations. This is a beautiful prelude to that future of creativity and optimism. 

Newly professionally framed, this piece is signed and dated on the back of the artwork on both the day that it was illustrated in 2018 and on the day it was updated before framing in 2022.

This piece is mixed media on paper. It utilizes dry pastel, crayon, pencil crayon, water colors, ink and acrylic paint.

The artwork was sealed with a protective clear coat fixative before framing.

The frame is new with plastic wrap to protect it while it waits to arrive at its now home.

Dimensions are:

11 in by 16 in  /

17 by 21 in framed.

Type: Artwork

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