Lovebot lovingly disrupts our robotic routines to remind us that there is love in our cities and kindness around every corner. Lovebot reiterates the fact that we all have the privilege of being human, and that we are not restricted to the algorithms and programming of our tech driven counterparts. Even though many of us work like robots in concrete jungles, we all have the capacity to share love and kindness with one another each day.


The Love Invasion began as a Toronto-based grassroots initiative, featuring the deployment of 100 backyard made, hand-cast 2ft tall concrete Lovebot sculptures. Acting as a unique and meaningful social objects placed in the paths of pedestrians, each Lovebot sculpture was dedicated to a person or group that performed a powerful act of kindness in their community. The purpose: to illuminate the kindness and compassion in our city and, inspire more.

Following years of dedication from Lovebot creator Matthew Del Degan along side his empathetic and strong willed team of volunteers, the ever-growing Lovebot community grew, and Lovebot's movement continues to this day to gain positive momentum. Lovebot stickers and posters are now displayed in locations around the world, made possible by those devoted and active leaders wishing to spread kindness.

Are you a Lovebot Leader?

In addition, due to the success of the D.I.Y Lovebot crowd-funding campaign, the first ever Lovebot toy has been released as a platform that Lovebot fans can customize and share with the intention to foster creativity and kindness in all of us.

By placing something meaningful and unique in people’s paths, Lovebot creates a truly impactful and uplifting experience. With constant social initiatives and methods for others to join the Love Invasion movement, Lovebot continues to inspire others to love more and get involved in making this world a better place.
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