'2019 Half a Heart Mittens

Product Description:

Only 100 pairs of these mittens have been produced.
These knitted mittens are locally made in Toronto, from 100% high bulk acrylic dyed in Montreal. This material is an extremely soft thick and resistant yarn that keeps its shape and retains heat well. 

There are 6 ends of yarn in each stitch.

Each piece is knit separately, steamed, cut, sewn, looped and then steamed again for shape.

These mitts are one size fits most. They keep your hands both warm and dry. They are moisture wicking and do not wet easily.

The woven label, one per pair, is sewn on by none other than the amazing Paula Del Degan, our Lovebot creator's mother. This label is not coming off. It is sewn on by the best. On the inside of this tag, the words "Be the love that you wish to feel in your life" are written.

These mitts are as much a part of Lovebots purpose and philosophy as they are a warm knitted garment. They will warm up your heart in more ways than one.

Although sleek and black on the back of the hand, half a heart per palm is knitted on to each mitt.
You can hold the Lovebot "Hero Heart" in your hands by placing your palms side by side or, share it with others by joining your half heart together with someone who also had the other Lovebot mitt.

Optional Contest to participate in!
There is now an ongoing contest, of who can take the most creative selfie, or.. friendie... you get the picture. Contest will end in June 2020 and the multiple winners chosen will receive Lovebot gift packages to assist them in sharing the love even more! To be entered just tag #lovebot and #heroheart in your post on Instagram or Facebook and share it with your loved ones and or followers. 

Share the love always! - Lovebot

Type: Apparel

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