*2ft Sculpture - Mark II - Solid Concrete Lovebot

Delivery for all purchased 2ft Lovebots will be between November - December 15th this year. (Before Christmas 2020.)

There is 1 of these special sculptures in stock remaining / available in 2020. 

On average, only 10 of these sculptures are produced per year.

About 2ft Concrete Lovebots:

A 2f tall solid concrete Lovebot weighs approximately 250 lbs.

They are 5 separate modular pieces, each cast by hand in separate molds; legs, arms (x2), body and heart. These solid concrete pieces fit together to become the iconic 2ft Tall Lovebot as seen all throughout Toronto during the 2013 Lovebot "Love Invasion" city wide art project.


These Lovebots however are Version 2. or the Mark II Lovebots made in 2020. Only a handful have been produced. They are stronger, more robust and offer a cleaner finish. The idealized Lovebots.
Each 2ft Lovebot is delivered by Lovebots Artist Matthew Del Degan. Delivery is only available in Ontario. If you purchase a 2ft Lovebot in North America and you do not live in Ontario Canada please contact info@lovebot.com to arrange delivery. There will be an additional fee for delivery depedending on the sculptures final destination.

Each Solid Concrete 2ft Lovebot Sculpture comes with a certificate of provenance for authentication. This paperwork has come with each Lovebot since day one. It is the very special record of original first ownership. 

"These Lovebots will be standing strong as monuments of love for many generations. They are expressions of hope that offer a legacy of love to carry on. Designed for the sole purpose of instilling wonder in the hearts of all who appreciate them, these genuin works of art come from a place of pure love."

- Matthew Del Degan


Type: Artwork