2022 - Original DMG Upgraded Baby Lovebot Gameboys! 2nd Ed. Lovebot Gameboy

This is very likely likely the last edition of Lovebot Gameboys to be made.

Only 10 of these Lovebot Gameboys have been made for sale. Each unit is individually numbered.

"Inside and out, these Gameboys are both customized art objects and functionally upgraded gaming units. Created as a true passion project with a deep love of videogames in mind during the crazy year that 2021 has been, I wanted to have produce something that would make the player focus in and connect to what feels like a simpler time. Retro video games have been a real love of mine since I was a child. I wanted to create a refined version of my first ever gaming device, something that shares that simply blissful feeling of a timeless soothing distraction."

                                            - Matthew Del Degan

These upgraded DGM, Original Gameboys play all N.A, Euro and Japanese Original Gameboy cartridges.  

Gameboy Upgrades: 

- New Backlight LCD and front PCB replacement offering no ghosting, 8 different color modes to choose from + Brightness control (replaces contrast wheel). 
You can now play in the dark with your Game Boy!!!
- Brand new battery spring
- Brand new Glass lens for a better viewing experience
- New custom-molded Buttons and start select
- Custom modified and limited to only 10 made Lovebot design UV printed shell with embossing effect (Front and Back Shells)
- Custom UV printed Glass lens to match the design of the Game Boy
- Custom mold and UV printed Game Cartridge
- UV printed serial number

Modded, assembled and handmade in Montreal, Canada by my good friends at Retro Modding!

The 10 special packages that are available each include:

An individually numbered 1st Edition Lovebot Gameboy! a Custom UV printed and laser-cut Lovebot heart-shaped acrylic stand, two different green and gold enamel Lovebot pins, a 4in Lovebot sticker with holographic heart, a Gameboy Lovebot Sticker, two green Lovebot Heart stickers, a Lovebot house key, and a matching UV printed "Lovebot's Childhood Favorite" translucent green Game Cartage which runs "Revenge of the Gator!" a lesser known, but absolutely top quality Gameboy game!

                                     4 AAA Batteries, not included. 😉