"!*Hero Heart Cutting Board - Padauk

These solid wood boards are an edition of only 14 made. This wood with its vermillion colour is Padauk, (pronounced Pa-dook) hailing from central and west tropical Africa.

The color and density of this wood is perfect for a Valentines day 2021. These 14 boards are likely to be the last ltd. edition of premium Lovebot heart shaped cutting boards.

Hand made in Hockley Valley, Ontario Canada, the new ltd. ed. batch of 14 Padauk Lovebot cutting boards are truly each a labor of love.  They are as much works of art as they are items for utility. Each of these board are made from the same tree. They posses their own unique wood grains with unique beautiful imperfections. Designed to more than a lifetime, these boards have a suggestion for you that is relevant each and every day. Burned into the backside of each board is the message, "Prepare With Love." This is more of a mantra to steady you for life's joys and challenges, rather than just a kind food prep suggestion. 

Lovebot strongly believes that physical objects created with conscious, positive intentions become imbued with a certain mystical quality. From design, to production, creating these boards came with their fair share of challenges but with each step, joy and love was kept in deep consideration. These boards are made with soul, creativity and love.

I hope your Lovebot cutting board assists you in serving up beautiful and nourishing experiences. My wholesome upbringing of Italian descent suggests that I be truly grateful for the food and love which I have had the pleasure of experiencing in abundance. I want to share just how grateful I am with you all. I want all of us to connect with that deep respect for good food, kindness to all and healthy living.

So, prepare with love! Let your heart assist you along the way, and enjoy it!

- Matthew Del Degan

Each board is 18 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick
Solid Padauk, hand made craftsmanship
Small batch production (Only 14 made)
Oiled with natural food safe, mineral free Oil
Made in Canada

Please note that Lovebot has also developed it's very own "Lovebot's Cutting Board Conditioning Oil" This oil is a 100% plant-based oil, designed to prolong the life and beauty of your specially made heart cutting board. 
Lovebot oil helps to prevent drying and cracking, it eliminates odors, and it does not go rancid. This oil is sold separately on lovebot.com

Type: Housewares

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