Painting - 36in 'Kagayaku' by Matthew and Emily Del Degan

Kagayaku - to shine,
is an original 36in Hero Heart™ custom shaped wood panel painted by collaborator and soulmate, Emily Del Degan also known as MAINĀ.

This painting is part of the 2020 Online only Collaborative Art Show titled:

Yuánfèn “The fate between two people.” 

The artwork for this show was created by Emily and Matthew Del Degan to share their love and passion for creating beautiful artworks and to celebrate the year they got married, 2020! Originally many of their wonderful art fans would have seen this show in person; however, because of this years global pandemic this show is now online for all to participate in and enjoy.   

- 36" wide
- ultra smooth custom shaped fine art heart panel
- transparent U.V coating for longevity
- artwork by Matthew and Emily Del Degan

Type: Artwork