Original Gold 5' Lovebot Vinyl Art Toy

 This is where it ends for the 5' Lovebot Vinyl Toys. 

Only 25 of these Gold Vinyl Models are Available
These are the last in my possession.

These Lovebot 5 inch Toys are customizable designer art toys. You can customize Lovebot or you can enjoy Lovebot in it’s classic original colors and form.

Lovebot is the perfect reminder to be kind and share love always. With it's arms up you will have a character to cheer you on and make you smile.

Makes a great gift to give to someone who you love as well. <3

These toys are officially discontinued. Once they sell out here on Lovebot.com, which is very likely to be during this Lovebot Studio Sale, they will be unavailable indefinitely. 

No more of these vinyl Lovebot models will be produced. 

Please note that these models feature factory blemishes and subtle imperfections. They are the last of the original Lovebot vinyl toys. These models remained in my studio as the remaining stock but I've decided to let them all go to make room for new Lovebot artwork and so much more. 

I hope your Lovebot makes you smile always. 

With love,

- Matthew Del Degan ( Creator of Lovebot!)

You can watch the successful Lovebot Kickstarter Champagne of 2015 where these toys got their start here!


Type: Toys

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