'2019 NEW! Silver Lining, Knitted Sweater Ed. of only 80 Produced

This knitted garment was inspired by the "Silver Lining" that we can find in any of our circumstances. Each sweater features silver Lurex threads woven throughout Lovebots light grey body. Lovebots have often been made of solid concrete. This cold, heavy and hard surface is juxtaposed with a warm red heart as a focal point for a reason. It's the red "Hero Heart."

Find your Silver Lining:

      Even in our coldest and hardest moments, a silver lining can be found that inspires us to live well and triumph over lifes difficulties. Our hardships are often teachers of valuable lessons. We can derive value from any challenge. With the ability to see what shimmers even in the dark, we can find hope and meaning.

This sweater is as much a high quality, locally and expertly produced warm knitted sweater, as it is a thought provoking art piece.

It will not just make you shine wherever you are, but it may also inspire you to shine from within. This is what Lovebot often aims to evoke in all of us. 

Please note that only 80 of these sweaters have been produced. This is not a pre-sale. Once they are sold out, that's all. We have no plans to make more of this sweater design any time soon. This is a 2019 exclusive.

By a few stitches, these sweaters fit slightly more snug then previous knitted Lovebot sweaters. They are very warm in more ways than one.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL. Only while supplies last.
Machine washable friendly, however we recommend a cold wash and hang to dry for the longevity of this knitted sweater.

Stay warm inside!

- Lovebot



Small - chest 19" length is 28"

Med - chest 21" length is 29"

Large - chest 23" length is 30"

XL -  chest 24" length is 31"

Type: Apparel

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