Community Of Love: banding together to help others.

Lovebot Hero Heart cookies will be at popping up at locations across Toronto!  All proceeds are going to some real good friends of mine, Easter Seals, a charitable organization bringing love to others by helping kids with physical disabilities.  

Since 1922, through both financial assistance and recreational programs, Easter Seals has helped provide a better life for youth with physical disabilities.

It’s great to see such selfless organizations making such strong effort in spreading the love, really tugs at your heart wires.

It doesn’t stop at cookies though. I’ve also been helping with the organization’s annual telethon, a fundraiser celebrating success stories and recognizing ambassadors, families, and donors that have helped the organization. It’s all love with them! During last year’s 31st annual 2014 telethon, Lovebot was there to help Easter Seals raise a whopping $2.16-million! So, get out and support a great cause that makes a difference to the over 20,000 kids in with physical disabilities. Let’s beat last years total!

Lovebot is such a perfect cupid bringing us together for another worthy cause,"  says Shawn Andrews of Rooster Coffee. "We're excited to be part of this community effort based on LOVE and giving!"

You can support Lovebot and Easter Seals by purchasing an lovingly-packaged Hero Heart cookie for $2.  Starting Ferbruary 12th, you’ll be able to find these special treats for you or the people you love at the these locations:

Riverdale Perk - Rooster Coffee - Redline Coffee - Lazy Daisy's - Thor Espresso - The Rollling Pin - Mindzai (Markham)


Want to see Lovebot cookies at your local coffee shop or cafe? Please ask them to get in touch! We'd love to have them available in as many locations as possible.

Want a whole box? You can purchase a full box of 30 cookies for $60 that you can share in your workplace or community, I’ll get the humans to deliver them right to your door! Easter Seals will also offer a tax-deductible receipt for these supporters.

Easter Seals is wonderful, but you know where they get a lot of their money? People that go out and actively share the message of positivity and love! So this year, instead of buying the same old material goods you always do, take a page from my book. Break the mold and do something different. Help share the love! Get your loved ones a tasty treat while supporting an awesome cause.

Together, we are helping  kids BE KIDS!