Location: 225 Carlton St. Toronto, Ontario 

Love Metrics took place on Novemeber 23rd, 2018. It was the most substantial Lovebot Solo Art Exhibition to date. Lovebot taook over a vacant building in Cabbagetown, Toronto to showcase all new never before seen artworks that brought together art lovers for a three day event of substantial impact; two floors of never before seen artworks, all new limited edition and event exclusive items, new partnerships, artist talks and more.

Love Metrics Description
Love Metrics by Lovebot is an allusion. The term, Love Metrics, communicates a series of subsequent notions using two juxtaposed words. Love, as an intense feeling of deep affection, exists in stark contrast to quantifiable measurements and evaluations. Lovebot has the ability to connect and inspire people linked by a common theme: LOVE. It is not a coincidence that the Love Metrics artworks are visual networks. These artworks are arrangements of colour, each a matrix intersecting poetically. In software development and often in business, metrics are used to measure a particular characteristic of a program's performance or efficiency, but metrics also defines the use and study of poetic meters; prosody. Love Metrics is poetic and deliberate.

Love Metrics by Lovebot is a style of artwork. Its cause is reminiscent of the brief instance of reflection when the screen is black and you see yourself for a moment; when you realize that your analogue life, by it’s very nature, is infinitely more fulfilling than it’s digital counterpart; when you go off-line and your values are in-line.
- Matthew Del Degan