What is the # LOVEBUS ?

The #LOVEBUS, a Lovebot and CAMH collaboration, was unveiled during World Metal Health Week 2019. The Lovebus is a brand new 42 Seater Coach bus that's now on the road, takeing patients on excursions to assist CAMH in helping patients meet their needs.

The artwork on the Lovebus was designed digitally by our Lovebot creator, Matthew Del Degan. It was then printed on vinyl and professionaly applied or "wraped" to the bus. The artwork is inspired by Del Degans lived experience with mental illness several years ago. It was designed to bring hope and light to others who have or may experience the hardships of mental illness.  

One the right facing side, the word L O V E is depicted in apseudo-traditional traditional graffiti style.

The main entrance doors say the words "Kind Hearts and Open Minds, Open Doors"

One the left facing drivers side, an odd looking multicolord Lovebot dances. This is an updates version of a Lovebot that matthew drew while in CamH. 

Featured on both the back and top of the bus is a classic Lovebot but with a purple heart and purple glow to match CAMH branding.  

The brand new coach bus is wheelchair accessible

Proof that it's safe to say this bus makes many of us happy. 

A few of the wonderful people involved in this special project.

Matthew Del Degan and his wonderful fiancé emily / artist https://www.mainaarts.com/

"We shouldn't be quiet about mental illness or mental health. How can I give hope to people who like me, have been in a place of grim hopelessness if I'm quiet about my past? We can live good lives. Never give up." - Matthew Del Degan / Lovebot